Tuesday, 23 June 2015

'Minions' English Movie Review + Rating

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Yay! I'm on time and gave a decent gap in my posting for once! I got caught up on.. stuff. But going back on point, the highly anticipated 'Minions' was finally out on 10th July (19th in my country) and it perked up the money. To me, I have thoroughly enjoyed the movie given that it contained more action and visual than dialogues. The movie really lived up to its humor effect although there were particular issues that made the movie unappealing to watch.

The director Pierre Coffin really worked up the concept of the movie (which is about Minions searching for a new master). The way he portrayed the journey and troubles of the minions was commendable but what really spoiled the show was the fact that before the movie was released many (or most) of the good parts were ruined by the many 'teasers' released by the team on social media. When you watch the original movie, you see many of the same parts and already the humor is ruined for you because you know what is happening and you ruin it by telling it to your friend of family member who accompanied you. So not cool.

The pace was actually well balanced. Halfway the movie, they started to control and swap scenes between the main and side-joining story to meet into one. Though the main part started to become more serious, the side-joining part gave comic relief. I was impressed but knew that it definitely not Pierre's best. He really could have given care to the timing of the scene transition and the sort-of cliffhanger-y ending didn't help either.

Cast Choice
Sandra Bullock was an excellent choice for the voicing of Scarlet Overkill and Pierre my boy decided to use auto-tune (its a joke) for the three minions. I support and really like and support the cast choice given that it is a bit budget-y for even him.

Humor it is supposed to serve, humor it did serve. But the movie supposed to be directed to children but the content is more adult directed, like working for villains, bad things are acceptable and that easy. I feel it should have a better direction it was working on and most of the time in the movie, almost every character is talking the minion language with no bloody english subtitles. It is fun at first  then later a bit frustrating.

The genre kind of mix into the journey of finding a model (though not a good one) and I enjoyed how there were not too many characters (or minions to be exact) to focus on. 3 is a good number as it gives more ease for the director to give individual focus on each protagonist.

Overall, it is amusing, alluring, action packed and a film worth watching atleast twice. I would give it 3 ice cream cones out of 5 but could have pushed by point 5. Sad it could not.
Watch the movie if you can but also if your above like 11, then yeah.

Until next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Books for the Summer #1 (Series Books)

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I am terribly sorry for such a loooong delay because of examinations. I know that Summer has already started. Then why am I yet not active? Well, apparently, I got a intense back pain that I had to lie in bed for 2 days straight then followed by fever that got me hospitalized for 5 days. Hmph. Thats why even Hamster Rush is not updated and I recovered this morning only.

Getting back to the main thing, I have 2 series that I feel will keep you busy for the rest of the summer holidays while I am trying to sort my life together. They are absolute page turners and you will thoroughly enjoy them. These are Fantasy- Humor books and if you are not a fan of them, you will be once you try them. Summer is to break some giggles and these books, they really can.

Enjoy :)

No 1: The Dresden Files [ 15 books currently ]

I only read the first one because I could not find the second one in my local library yet I really am thrilled to read the second one. It is about a hilarious character named Harry (Copperfield) Dresden who is a Private Investigator but also a wizard. So he is like more of a Wizard P.I. Puzzling cases come to him with various side characters that will be present throughout the series as of I've heard that will really pester him and test him to his limits.
This book really shows through a mind of an innocent person (in the first book atleast) trying to prove himself innocent to people who have never trusted him. Slowly, the darkness of his past becomes more and more revealed to the reader (very catchy and gets you to the edge of your seat). His life becomes more and more funny as it goes by and reveal you to a world of vampires, wizards and how when ordinary people try to attain magic, they can die and cause others to die.
I really do not want to spoil it for you. This is a winner to me so I have easily given a 3.5 ice cream cones. GO check it out if you can!

(First Book: Storm Front)

No 2: Skulduggery Pleasant [ 9 books in total ]

So far from how much I have read, Stephanie (the main character.. kinda) actually is very whiny but soon the story gets more interesting as you see Skulduggery's warm character captivate your heart.
This story revolves around the adventures of Skulduggery Pleasant, who apparently is a dead person cum skeleton, and a teenage girl, Stephanie Edgley (Valkyrie Cain), along with other side characters. 
After her uncle Gordon,s death, she finds his friend, Skulduggery, who reveals to her the shocking truth that her uncle had been murdered. From there, they embark to seek revenge through this world of magic and necromancy.
It is quite funny but more of a self exploration themed book about how Stephanie aka Valkyrie tries to save the world from harm of dark. Yes, it is a typical dark vs light book, but not a downright boring and monotonous one. (Its captivating and really gives you some ideas on how skeletons work). So anytime you just don't get how skeletons walk or what is necromancy, check it out. I would give it  2,5 ice cream cones though.

(First book: Skulduggery Pleasant)

So anytime you need inspiration for fantasy or humor writing, or even wonder where you can find vampires, check out these books. Buy or loan them. Explore a bit this summer. I'll be back with more.
Until then, keep your ice cream cones dripping!!