Sunday, 15 November 2015

Books for November (and winter) #2

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Vanilla Here,

Quite a while back, I came across the Goodreads app and got obsessed. The ability to look out for book reviews and scan a book to see its reception was mind blowing. Given that I finally (thank god) had time to head to the library, I picked some reads for October and November. The library is like a paradise to a bookworm(me) like how a shopping mall is to a woman(also me).

Unfortunately, I have not yet read all the books but am super excited to. The books I have picked up are of different types of genres, which is queer because usually I borrow this whole stockpile of books of one genre per visit to the library. Do take a look at what might interest you.

1st Book: The Manny     by Holly Peterson
This book is basically about a rich married woman falling in love with a 'manny' (male nanny) as she suffers trying to fit in with her husband's rich and chic society. Coming from the downtown, Peter Bailey was the only one who understood how she felt. I enjoyed this book from the starting it had a very unique format of writing as well as plot. However, as the book reached to the end, all the events start to become illogical and annoying in my pinion. The turn of events were sudden and unexplained, which angered me thus I actually dislike this book given that I have already read it. This book will sadly get only 1.5 ice cream cones out of 5.

2nd Book: Grave Peril     by Jim Butcher
This is the third book of the Dresden Files Series which I had already talked about in another blogpost you can find here. So I would take it as I do not need to explain about the series but instead explain about the book itself. This time round, Dresden got himself stuck inbetween crazy and let loose ghosts, controlled by someone who is wishing death upon Dresden as Dresden becomes helpless against this mysterious force he cannot find. To his surprise, someone he knows comes back into the picture, ready to get their revenge finally. I am still reading this book and so far I did not really enjoy the beginning but it became much much better and the turn of events are amazing as usual. You know the classic Jim Butcher. 2 ice cream cones out of 5.

3rd Book: Tatiana      by Martin Cruz Smith
Given that I have not yet read the book, I am unable to give a rating or opinion but able to give you reasons why I am excited to read it and why I chose it. According to some research I have done, Tatiana is only a novel in a series of books named after the fictional detective starred, Arkady Renko. He is a well known russian detective who solved tons of homicide cases. The synopsis of the book talk about how the death of a young and rising reporter named Tatiana fell to her death from the sixth floor the same day a millionaire got shot to death. Despite the deaths were not considered to be connected, Arkandy thinks otherwise and realizes there is much more to Tatiana's past. I picked this book as the way of how two deaths connect together by their past really intrigued me. The language and hook was well written. As well as the fact I would want to explore the style of writing in this book. 2.5 ice cream cones out of 5.

4th Book: Another thing to fall    by Laura Lippman
I honestly do not know much about this book other than it being a part of another series named after the heroine, Tess Monaghen. She is apparently also another detective. In this book, she was hired as a bodygaurd for an actress and suddenly many things start to all apart. I became interested in this book as the synopsis told on how the client is not whom she is said to be. Given that it is a detective fiction and action talking about dirty politics, why wouldn't it attract my attention. 1.5 ice cream cones out of 5.

So, this is it. My list of books I had bought to satisfy myself for the winter. I was supposed to post this blog at the start of this month but got carried away so I do apologize if this ends up at the ending of november instead. Also, I realized, my previous posts' pictures keep getting removed. I do apologize once again and I will try my best to fix the problem. If you know how to fix it, do let me know. Until next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping!!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

DIY Fall/Autumn themed Paper Storage/ Organizer!

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I'm on time plus this is (kinda) my first Festive and DIY post! Very recently I made some super delicious Egg Tacos and had an empty taco kit box. Instead of throwing it away I decided to make use of it to make my own little storage with it and trending it with Fall (though winter is really near!). It does not last that long, so at the end of the season, it would be kinda shredded so you can make other things the next season with space left! Additionally, I have some super EXCITING news!! I have very recently made my own topic on QuizUp called Hamster Rush! Yes, now you can test how much you know my book by playing the topic and leveling up; just log in to and search 'Hamster Rush'. I do hope you guys try it!

Back to the topic, I decided to make this DIY using the old taco kit and cut off a side to open it up as well using orange colored paper and cutouts using the side I had cut out (instead of a new card-stock paper being environmentally friendly) which are shaped like autumn leaves (though they are bad because I fail art *sad face*)

Paraphernalia/ Items Required:

Pardon the bad quality photograph (I have no idea how it happened!)

How To:

  1. Cut your unused on one side to reveal it (refer to picture)

           2. Take your orange colored paper and start measuring its sides and cut them out

           3. Use the side you have cut out to make autumn leaf cutouts (You can use any design you like                and as many as you like, but I preferred only 2)

         4. Use the cutouts as a guide to outline on your pieces of orange paper.

         5. Use your pens to trace out the outline and color them with dark or light orange colors using                  the color pencils.

         6. If desired, draw veins on them

         7. Glue the the papers to the box.

Hope you liked this idea for my fall posts! I do still apologize for bad posting times but I will be trying my best and yes that is my peach scented candle right there. You can always switch it up for different seasons (like for winter, use blue paper and snowflake cutouts instead.) DO comment and read Hamster Rush as well till next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping!!

Friday, 16 October 2015

Vanilla for thought #1: 5 Ways to get Inspiration

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Vanilla Here,

To smell of freedom is finally smelt by me and I have used it as a chance to watch as much TMNT and play as much Hearthstone as possible but that does not mean I would ever forget what I have grown up with; books. Often, when I write, people ask me how am I able to get such creative ideas, given that I specialize in fantasy writing.

Honestly, most ideas of mine come from my dreams, things my unconscious self reveal to me only when the darkness envelopes the sky (so poetic). But I felt that for this post, I would share with you guys some things you can try if you ever run out of creative juice or just in the mood to write your essay so that you can once again feel addicted to come back to the keyboard again.

Try something new

It can be anything; food, clothing or even movies! I usually do this by trying new books or touching genres I usually do not opt for. I even cook new cuisine of food I usually do not given that I am a hermit crab who does not really communicate with the world outside. However weird it may sound, trust me it is much better than listening to music. Listening to music kind of distracts you and get you further away from your goal. Listen to music only when you need emotional comfort.
This will give you ideas and experiences you have never had or you want to try out if you are a curious person. Do not let the voice inside you be ignored and go for it if you want to really try and get out of your comfort zone.

Play new and known games

As weird as it sounds, it really helps you to give you ideas, usually inspired or given from the game plots or the game formats. It usually gives me many ideas of the elements I can instill in my current books. I have not much to say about this other than please do not get addicted to the game and forget all about your books or essays (like me).

Read Poetry

Poetry is a beautiful form of art that has been existing for a long time (since the Renaissance). It has the ability to express raw emotions and feelings in a manner so concealed that it feels like an open secret. So if you ever want to taste some darkness or get inspiration (especially for horror books), read up some Edgar Allan Poe and Sylvia Path.  Other genres can always go and find other amazing poets. It also helps if you need help for literature essays.

Surf the internet

This is very simple, Go on the internet and start surfing for very random facts or find out about recent global news. Not only does that help you in your General Paper (GP) if you are taking one, it may help you really research gain knowledge that you can apply to new formats or your existing books. A new books facts and learning does not kill. Some helpful topics can be about aquatic life and its impact on the world as well as dangerous games people used to play i the past.

Do crosswords and word searches

Not only does it boosts you general knowledge, you can use it as a challenge to use the words you have found into a short story. Experiment whatever you want and do not ever stop no matter what people tell you. Have fun with all the knowledge you have and to be a writer, the most important thing is to have the passion of learning about everything!

This is a bit of ideas and inspiration for you guys and I am still working on more things for you guys! Additionally, I have recently uploaded the next chapter of Hamster Rush! Please do read and tell me what you think! Until next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

My Wattpad Must-read Romance Books

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Well, finally I am here. I will not be posting till mid October (includes my wattpad books too), so I apologize in advance. I am not a regular blogger (You can tell right?) but recently I have been caught up in my addiction for gaming. Correction: Hearthstone Gaming. So I have been playing Hearthstone very frequently (until they come in my dreams) for a while and that requires me to go online. You all are well aware of my participation in wattpad, an online book community and I had time to compile romance books (which I have also been slightly more interested in these days next to fantasy). If you want, I might also make a reading list of all the fantasy books I am reading these days.

For this post. I would encourage you guys to sign up to Wattpad because amazing writing talents can be spotted, These are some Romance books I have been into in the past or currently obsessed with on wattpad (do not worry these books are all free). Also, for the next few chapter of my book, Hamster Rush, I will be making them only available to my followers, so do make sure to follow my account, ItsmeVanilla. 

Wattpad Romance Must-Reads

Book 1: She's in love with a Geek   by notjustarandomgirl

Amazing book though not completed, Talks about the reversal of cliche nerd likes popular girl. Its a 2.5 ice cream cones.

Book 2: Quirky Romantic Queries About Love   by demonicblackcat

This books is a sequel to a hilarious and romantic book, The quirky tale of April Hale, You can read from the point of view of a girl suffering from Asperger's. Super touching and uncompleted, 2 ice cream cones.

Book 3: The Heartbreak Chronicles   by fallzswimmer

A great cliche book on the members of a popular boyband, The Heartbreakers falling in love. Very emotional as well and is a compilation of 4 books in which only 1 has been completed and the other is halfway going on. 2.5 ice cream cones.

Book 4: Cupid Calling Cupid   by mikaelaney

A great writer and friend of mine. This book stirs up many emotions as well as slightly cliche but with a writer's twist in it. Super well written and highly recommended to be read. A completed book with 2.5 ice cream cones.

Book 5: The Cell Phone Swap   by Donotmicrowave

This book is one of those rare books with so many twists and turns as well as events and drama running all over the place. The content is a sort of organized mess. Amazing writing style and talks about how not every relationship is perfect to form or handle. A completed book with 2.5 ice cream cones.

There are so many books all over wattpad, but sometimes there are books that get high rankings in genres despite being poorly written, badly displayed and just a pain to read and it is important not to judge a book by its reads or votes because sometimes there are books (and writers) out there who deserve way more followers than others because they simply bother putting in more effort to write and give their heart into their books.

You can always find out how much effort a writer puts in their work by reading (but that is also very subjective). Until next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping!!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Vanillan Diet #1: Eggless Chocolate-Vanilla Cake Recipe

Hey Guys!
Vanilla Here.

Even if I ever went into cooking, nothing sweet can be done without using the very ingredient my name bears and is derived from. Chocolate is one of my loved flavors but Vanilla is the champion of everything ever known (pun intended, narcissism not intended). I decided to find and improvise my very own EGGLESS chocolate-vanilla cake, something not too sweet because I am stingy with the sugar. So this is the first post of my Vanillian Diet Recipes, a diet every Vanillian should follow.

Ingredients required:

  1. Self Raising Flour: 1 cup
  2. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder: 3 tbsp
  3. Vanilla Extract/ Essence: 1-2 tbsp [Note: Try to use Extract instead as Essence is not real vanilla, once again pun not intended]
  4. Salt: For seasoning
  5. Hot water: 1/2 cup
  6. Milk: 1/2 cup
  7. Hazelnuts (Optional): about 10, quartered
  8. Sugar: 1/2 cup (for not too sweet) or 3/4 cup (mild sweetness)
  9. Oil: 3tbsp [Note: Any oil will do, try avoiding either olive or avocado oil)

Paraphernalia/Apparatus required:

  1. Mixing bowls
  2. Balloon Whisk
  3. Cake tin
  4. Measuring spoons (Duh)
  5. Oven (Just incase you forget)
  6. Fork
  7. Big spoon


  1. Mix dry ingredients (Flour, cocoa powder,sugar, salt and nuts) together in a mixing bowl.
  2. Mix the wet ingredients (Vanilla Extract, oil, water and milk) into another mixing bowl.
  3. Then, add both the dry and wet ingredients. Stire well with a balloon whisk until it forms a smooth batter.
  4. Preheat the oven to 180°
  5. Simply, grease a cake tin with oil or butter.
  6. Add the batter into the cake tin. [Note: The nuts may rise up, if possible try to push it down if you want nuts embedded into your cake]
  7. Place in the oven for about 25 minutes or until poke in a fork in and it comes out clean.

Well, I am extremely sorry for the ditch but life has been tough. Till the next post, keep your ice cream cones dripping! (P.S Do try it and tell me any improvements or how you like this recipe)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

'Bahubali' Telugu Film Review + Rating

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See? I can write and post in decent gaps too! I am very excited for this month as I am participating in a variety if events as well as gathering some more content for future posts. I felt kinda disappointed scrolling down my blog for 2 reasons: One, I am seriously lacking posts. and Two: This was supposed to be a blog more directed to literary arts.. sadly there is a lack there too.

Argue all you want: But I believe that movies is an integral part of literary arts as it requires lines, symbolism, meanings to craft a beautiful story in a visual treat in the form of reality. So, usually people watch movies for entertainment, pass time and stuff. But I actually watch movies to, of course enjoy and get entertained, but also to get inspiration for new books, book ideas, so on and so forth. I asses and break down the movie to see if there is another meaning behind the screens, locked away hoping to be found. I have found so much watching this Telugu film (also dubbed in Hindi and Tamil) which was told to be the most expensive Indian Film of all time.

Interesting, isn't it?

Before I go down to the reviews and opinions of the movie, I wanted to explain that the film title, ('Bahubali') is actually inspired from an ancient folklore of the same name. Whenever you think of India, I am sure in your memories there will be an iconic statue that looks similar to Egyptian ones, yup, he is Bahubali. An extremely brave warrior who has fought proudly for his country. This movie remake took us back to the classics but also with its own slips and flaws.


The idea of remaking folklore never was a good thing with me. Personally, I feel that such movies ought to be mundane and unoriginal due to the fact every folktale has a special magic of its own that has let it be passed through the ages of time, but S.S Rajamouli (The director) managed to give this movie its own authentication that it set the standards for folklore movie adaptions pretty high. Though the movie is just the first part, I feel that the way most scenes were crafted were very well thought and has a very munificent use of literary devices to give it flair and elegance.

Speeches with repetition, lines with hyperbole and the contrasting use of imagery and similes in the songs were very well written. The twists set made the plot more engaging. The movie opening as well as ending were the stars of the show because they really knocked the figs out of people.

However, on the flip side there were many cray-cray logic flying like the leaves of trees during the autumn season. The way science and logic works here is unbelievably illogical. Like if the logic that works in the movie works in real life, folks we better leave.
The protagonist has been trying to climb this waterfall where he believes he came from and he falls and does not die all the time from almost any bloody height! He supernaturally has abnormal strength, speed, aiming skills and fighting abilities despite growing up in an underdeveloped village for his entire life! Way more eccentric logic occurred in the move that I desired to puke blood.


I personally felt that the pace was not as bad until midway the movie, no interesting scene change ways like the tamil movie 'I' (You can read its review here) and the war part that comes at the ending where the main character (Shivu) finds out about his real identity from this group of masked men who has been trying to save their queen. One of them recites the story, which ended up to be this kind of long winded up string of words that stretched for the remaining half of the movie (I'm not kidding). Gosh how can one have such memory plus air to knock off so much content in HD description?!

Cast Choice

Man, do not get me started here. Tamannaah and Anushka did fine but Prabhas though! He really does not fit himself in here at all. Its like this sort of movies is completely not his standard or type to give the changing audience a base or reason to see this movie. I was definitely disappointed with the casting  but one can improve... one day.


The genre of thriller, historical fiction and romance sounds weird but works very well here. The romance scenes filled with the main characters was sweet, cheesy but also pretty illogical because the heroine has to be a part of the masked men group and a really bad she cannot even recognize a guy with abnormal superman plus wolverine powers behind her.
It give quiet some thrilling action (I mean like one hour of the movie was war, what you expect) and the whole idea of this is a fantasy to me.
Like can this movie be rated supernatural or fantasy for having Shivu falling from the rainfall and saving himself by exactly shooting an arrow onto a twig branch and letting his weight rest on it like it won't bloody nap! 'Ello!?! Do you see logic here?

Generally, it is worth a movie to be watching once they start telecasting it on the TV networks because your trip to the cinema theaters is a waste. But still worth the watch if you don't mind illogical movies. Like in the movie, logic is a virgin, because they ain't doing it. This movie will go for a 2.5 ice cream cones for me. That is lenient already.

Until next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

'Minions' English Movie Review + Rating

Hey Guys!
Vanilla Here.

Yay! I'm on time and gave a decent gap in my posting for once! I got caught up on.. stuff. But going back on point, the highly anticipated 'Minions' was finally out on 10th July (19th in my country) and it perked up the money. To me, I have thoroughly enjoyed the movie given that it contained more action and visual than dialogues. The movie really lived up to its humor effect although there were particular issues that made the movie unappealing to watch.

The director Pierre Coffin really worked up the concept of the movie (which is about Minions searching for a new master). The way he portrayed the journey and troubles of the minions was commendable but what really spoiled the show was the fact that before the movie was released many (or most) of the good parts were ruined by the many 'teasers' released by the team on social media. When you watch the original movie, you see many of the same parts and already the humor is ruined for you because you know what is happening and you ruin it by telling it to your friend of family member who accompanied you. So not cool.

The pace was actually well balanced. Halfway the movie, they started to control and swap scenes between the main and side-joining story to meet into one. Though the main part started to become more serious, the side-joining part gave comic relief. I was impressed but knew that it definitely not Pierre's best. He really could have given care to the timing of the scene transition and the sort-of cliffhanger-y ending didn't help either.

Cast Choice
Sandra Bullock was an excellent choice for the voicing of Scarlet Overkill and Pierre my boy decided to use auto-tune (its a joke) for the three minions. I support and really like and support the cast choice given that it is a bit budget-y for even him.

Humor it is supposed to serve, humor it did serve. But the movie supposed to be directed to children but the content is more adult directed, like working for villains, bad things are acceptable and that easy. I feel it should have a better direction it was working on and most of the time in the movie, almost every character is talking the minion language with no bloody english subtitles. It is fun at first  then later a bit frustrating.

The genre kind of mix into the journey of finding a model (though not a good one) and I enjoyed how there were not too many characters (or minions to be exact) to focus on. 3 is a good number as it gives more ease for the director to give individual focus on each protagonist.

Overall, it is amusing, alluring, action packed and a film worth watching atleast twice. I would give it 3 ice cream cones out of 5 but could have pushed by point 5. Sad it could not.
Watch the movie if you can but also if your above like 11, then yeah.

Until next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Books for the Summer #1 (Series Books)

Hey Guys!
Vanilla Here.

I am terribly sorry for such a loooong delay because of examinations. I know that Summer has already started. Then why am I yet not active? Well, apparently, I got a intense back pain that I had to lie in bed for 2 days straight then followed by fever that got me hospitalized for 5 days. Hmph. Thats why even Hamster Rush is not updated and I recovered this morning only.

Getting back to the main thing, I have 2 series that I feel will keep you busy for the rest of the summer holidays while I am trying to sort my life together. They are absolute page turners and you will thoroughly enjoy them. These are Fantasy- Humor books and if you are not a fan of them, you will be once you try them. Summer is to break some giggles and these books, they really can.

Enjoy :)

No 1: The Dresden Files [ 15 books currently ]

I only read the first one because I could not find the second one in my local library yet I really am thrilled to read the second one. It is about a hilarious character named Harry (Copperfield) Dresden who is a Private Investigator but also a wizard. So he is like more of a Wizard P.I. Puzzling cases come to him with various side characters that will be present throughout the series as of I've heard that will really pester him and test him to his limits.
This book really shows through a mind of an innocent person (in the first book atleast) trying to prove himself innocent to people who have never trusted him. Slowly, the darkness of his past becomes more and more revealed to the reader (very catchy and gets you to the edge of your seat). His life becomes more and more funny as it goes by and reveal you to a world of vampires, wizards and how when ordinary people try to attain magic, they can die and cause others to die.
I really do not want to spoil it for you. This is a winner to me so I have easily given a 3.5 ice cream cones. GO check it out if you can!

(First Book: Storm Front)

No 2: Skulduggery Pleasant [ 9 books in total ]

So far from how much I have read, Stephanie (the main character.. kinda) actually is very whiny but soon the story gets more interesting as you see Skulduggery's warm character captivate your heart.
This story revolves around the adventures of Skulduggery Pleasant, who apparently is a dead person cum skeleton, and a teenage girl, Stephanie Edgley (Valkyrie Cain), along with other side characters. 
After her uncle Gordon,s death, she finds his friend, Skulduggery, who reveals to her the shocking truth that her uncle had been murdered. From there, they embark to seek revenge through this world of magic and necromancy.
It is quite funny but more of a self exploration themed book about how Stephanie aka Valkyrie tries to save the world from harm of dark. Yes, it is a typical dark vs light book, but not a downright boring and monotonous one. (Its captivating and really gives you some ideas on how skeletons work). So anytime you just don't get how skeletons walk or what is necromancy, check it out. I would give it  2,5 ice cream cones though.

(First book: Skulduggery Pleasant)

So anytime you need inspiration for fantasy or humor writing, or even wonder where you can find vampires, check out these books. Buy or loan them. Explore a bit this summer. I'll be back with more.
Until then, keep your ice cream cones dripping!!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Apps to download in your phone!

Hey Guys!
Vanilla here.

I know it has been really really really (times a hundred thousand) since people even know I'm alive and near electronic devices. I just don't have the time. I 'm so sorry that I let demeaning stuff like exams, friends and issues to get to me so easily. I have even launched myself into more busy things like joining a Nanowrimo project ( you can check it out here: as well as check out my latest book; keeping up with the eminems in wattpad now! Though so far its only 2 chapters *sad face*
So, I have been working on various projects and posts to share with you guys like recipes and amazing lifestyle posts. You guys can comment down what type of posts you want me to post or try out and get back to you. [Sneak peek: I am even trying in some homemade scented candles recipies for you!]. Now to get back on this post and finish my apology letter, I thought that it would be great to recommend some interesting applications to download in your phone.

I really don't know about you guys, but I am a person who is pretty frequent in phone changing because they get old or I lose them. So when I do get a new phone, it becomes, extremely difficult to search for those apps and download them. I won't go to simple applications like youtube and facebook. These are less 'common' from the trend i have been observing.

1. Word Buzz:
Trust me when I say its addictive. This application not only makes your brain run like its a fitness test, but also helps to train may aspects of our brain, like our reflexes and vocabulary. (Whatever, Vocab is a part of the brain k). There are about 100 levels currently, but seriously, try to get all three jars for every level, then you will get its thrill. ( 2.5 ice cream cones)

2. Can you escape / Can you escape 2
I have finished both and they really have made Sherlock Holmes interesting for me. It is great for those seeking thrill and adventure. But at the same good/bad news, no murder. This is highly recommended. (3 ice cream cones)

3. Words with friends
This might be really really fun if both you and your friend has the app (its ok if you dont have friends like me), You cant play scrabble-style word building game with other players and actually enhance your knowledge for once. Finally, you can achieve something in life (or something extra for all you know). Another alternative would be guess the emoji ( 2.5 ice cream cones)

1. Vine
Bruh! This is one of the best applications of all time. Its so hilarious and lifts you mood instantly in bad days. People like Lele Pons, Bach King and Destrorm are a must-follow accounts! They have many relatable jokes about many things. You can post your own vines and it is less complicated than youtube (though even I myself is trying to use it properly.) (3.5 ice cream cones)

2. Mp3 music downloader
I know how much this means to many people: free music. But I prefer the Mpr Music downloader that looks like the apple store itunes than spotify, it just does not work with me. So I gave you an amazing music downloadng app that does not need any sort of data (yes, the name is that and the logo looks like how I described it), hope you are satisfied now. ( 2.3 ice cream cones)

Phone Features
1. Compass
Stupid or not, this by far is really helpful if you can relate. I dont need to elaborate on this thing. But it is worth the memory space in your phone. ( 2 ice cream cones)

2. Idioms and phrases
It may sound primary school, but it is really helpful for essays and letter writing. It is more of like a honest cheat code (oxymoron intended). Just type in exactly what it says in the title, and you'll find yourself going into an A for english in school. You can praise me later. (2 ice cream cones)

3. QR code reader
Do I need to explain this too? It is super helpful when travelling given that in the internet age having this in your phone give a comfortable lean way than copying things. (1.7 ice cream cones)

4. Sketch Guru
I really enjoy this app. Being a person who enjoys editing photos and memories, I find this app really useful as the different types of sketch, paint and mediums available to edit your photo. Now you do not ever need to fret on looking good or goofy in our profile pictures. ( 2 ice cream cones)

Umm.. that is it folks and do please leave a comment for what type of posts you want. I would like to recommend more but your phone memory will die by then. So for, you can also say how you find this apps and recommend me some. Until then keep you Vanilla ice creams dripping!

No payment was involved for this post. No sponsors k.

Friday, 6 February 2015

'I' Tamil Movie Review + Rating

Hey guys!
Vanilla here

Did I just change my name in a span of I-really-dont-know? New year, new name. But seeing the title you would have been quiet baffled. MOVIE REVIEWS?? Da ham sandwich going one. and better, A TAMIL MOVIE? I guess it would be a cryptex.. but I watched it with subtitles and it is officially the best tamil movie I have ever watched though. And for me personally, Shanker (the director of the movie) did an excellent job of creating this movie.

I would be reviewing this movie based on the factors of : Concept, Pace, Cast choice and Genre Expectations. If you are not an Indian, its totally fine. Like I said I watched t with subtitles.

 The concept of the movie was by far my most favorite. It was well diagnosed (haha.. love my own lame puns) with the story and how technology was invited into it. My mum would call it 'Hi-tech' and stuff but to me it is more of like the showcase of how far hate and jealousy in a human can go. I dont want to reveal too much of the story honestly, but I can say that he actually not only kept a thrilling and rejuvenating story which is different from others but also was able to screen it in a way that people will be able to understand it further. It definitely has juicy and moist story with a slightly predictable climax.

The pace was what impressed me the most. The movie started off in a Coda; which means starting s story or movie with either the climax or the middle of the story and then slowly transitioning it to a flashback. Though Shanker did a little twist in here, he did double-role transitions. This basically means that he started the story from the middle and slowly (part by part) show the flashback of what had happened that had lead to the pivotal point of the movie. Then he switches it back to the part when it already happened and again switches back to the flashback; giving a clear view of the audience of the reason behind the protagonist's actions. It may not be easy to explain but when you watch it, you'll understand. The transitions are also visually spell-binding from nice realistic special effects to the main theme of the movie.

Cast Choice
I personally have no opinion on the cast choice. I felt that Surya did a better role than Vikram but he really did a wonderful job too. Amy Jackson was pretty well into her role but the cast choice could be improved to actually enhance the movie.

This movie goes behind a main big subject but various genres plus themes to mix in. The subject actually goes for commercials, with genres like action, science fiction, romance and thriller mixed in. But they did a great job of applying their main subject into a way of transitioning from scene to scene.

Overall, this is the highest rating of any book or item I have ever given, but a whopping 4 ice cream cones out of five!! Well, you then know that it this is worth the watch unless you are more of a classic only action and romance, it may not be too thrilling. But if you like classics like Romeo and Juliet or Cinderella, this is perfect for you too. Another reason it got 4, it is amazing to a huge range of audience because in a way it reenacts Beauty and the Beast.

Keep your Vanilla Ice creams dripping and forgive me for a super late post!!