Sunday, 15 November 2015

Books for November (and winter) #2

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Quite a while back, I came across the Goodreads app and got obsessed. The ability to look out for book reviews and scan a book to see its reception was mind blowing. Given that I finally (thank god) had time to head to the library, I picked some reads for October and November. The library is like a paradise to a bookworm(me) like how a shopping mall is to a woman(also me).

Unfortunately, I have not yet read all the books but am super excited to. The books I have picked up are of different types of genres, which is queer because usually I borrow this whole stockpile of books of one genre per visit to the library. Do take a look at what might interest you.

1st Book: The Manny     by Holly Peterson
This book is basically about a rich married woman falling in love with a 'manny' (male nanny) as she suffers trying to fit in with her husband's rich and chic society. Coming from the downtown, Peter Bailey was the only one who understood how she felt. I enjoyed this book from the starting it had a very unique format of writing as well as plot. However, as the book reached to the end, all the events start to become illogical and annoying in my pinion. The turn of events were sudden and unexplained, which angered me thus I actually dislike this book given that I have already read it. This book will sadly get only 1.5 ice cream cones out of 5.

2nd Book: Grave Peril     by Jim Butcher
This is the third book of the Dresden Files Series which I had already talked about in another blogpost you can find here. So I would take it as I do not need to explain about the series but instead explain about the book itself. This time round, Dresden got himself stuck inbetween crazy and let loose ghosts, controlled by someone who is wishing death upon Dresden as Dresden becomes helpless against this mysterious force he cannot find. To his surprise, someone he knows comes back into the picture, ready to get their revenge finally. I am still reading this book and so far I did not really enjoy the beginning but it became much much better and the turn of events are amazing as usual. You know the classic Jim Butcher. 2 ice cream cones out of 5.

3rd Book: Tatiana      by Martin Cruz Smith
Given that I have not yet read the book, I am unable to give a rating or opinion but able to give you reasons why I am excited to read it and why I chose it. According to some research I have done, Tatiana is only a novel in a series of books named after the fictional detective starred, Arkady Renko. He is a well known russian detective who solved tons of homicide cases. The synopsis of the book talk about how the death of a young and rising reporter named Tatiana fell to her death from the sixth floor the same day a millionaire got shot to death. Despite the deaths were not considered to be connected, Arkandy thinks otherwise and realizes there is much more to Tatiana's past. I picked this book as the way of how two deaths connect together by their past really intrigued me. The language and hook was well written. As well as the fact I would want to explore the style of writing in this book. 2.5 ice cream cones out of 5.

4th Book: Another thing to fall    by Laura Lippman
I honestly do not know much about this book other than it being a part of another series named after the heroine, Tess Monaghen. She is apparently also another detective. In this book, she was hired as a bodygaurd for an actress and suddenly many things start to all apart. I became interested in this book as the synopsis told on how the client is not whom she is said to be. Given that it is a detective fiction and action talking about dirty politics, why wouldn't it attract my attention. 1.5 ice cream cones out of 5.

So, this is it. My list of books I had bought to satisfy myself for the winter. I was supposed to post this blog at the start of this month but got carried away so I do apologize if this ends up at the ending of november instead. Also, I realized, my previous posts' pictures keep getting removed. I do apologize once again and I will try my best to fix the problem. If you know how to fix it, do let me know. Until next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping!!


  1. Dang! That is a nice list. I should definitely read more even one book every month or two would be good. Grave Peril sounds interesting. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Thank you! I have thoroughly enjoyed Grave Peril and I hope you would too!