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Top 5 picks of 2015: The literary Round-up

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And happy late new year! I know you must be wondering where was I since November and I can guarantee it was not easy! Life and reality is really very harsh on me for the next 2 years. Crucial education years are here but I will not give up easily! So chill guys. I hope your 2015 was great because mine was. However, for this blog, it may not be the best but I have to say we have made improvements in posting timings plus audience. This blog may not have gone far but I know that patience is a virtue and that we will succeed.

The coming 2 years may not be a very active years for me, but I guess I will try as much as I can. Additionally, I will be pointing out that the next post will be about my book; Hamster Rush's character analysis. I would like to point out clues and in between the lines references. This will cover the whole summary of the character's backstory. Without any further ado, lets take a look back into the previous year and list some great books (in no particular order) you can read for your new year resolution or you just want to read a little books as possible. It can even help for those trying to get the habit of reading.

Book 1: Fool Moon     by Jim Butcher

This book is the second book out of the famous Dresden Files Series. If you are new to the blog, you can scroll through my previous posts on how much I have talked about this series. It has been one of the most interesting fantasy series I have ever encountered right next to my most absolute favorite fantasy series (Maximum Ride: you can find more about it here). This series talks about a wizard with a screwed up life. Oversexed vampires, blood thirsty werewolves and hungry ghosts are only a part of his job. He also has a mysterious past that is only given little information about every book. So far, I have read the first 3 books and looking out for the 4th one. So if you want to start on fantasy genres, I highly recommend this series.

Book 2: Tatiana      by Martin Cruz Smith

I have updated my previous post about this book. You can refer to the previous post about this book if unsure. This came into my top 5 for 2015 as it has a really different theme and writing style. The subtle hints of darker topics have a nice sense to it. For the rating, you can refer it to the previous post as well. If you are interested in Crime fiction, this is a great pick.

Book 3: The Da Vinci Code      by Dan Brown

You would most probably be living under a rock if you have not heard about this book. In case you have not, I would highly recommend you would try to buy the book as soon as possible. Funny I did not encourage borrowing from the local library but it is mainly because it is extremely difficult to find it as it will be loaned out almost all the time. I know I am reading this a bit too late but it was by pure luck I have came across the book in my local library and took no hesitation to grab it. It is about a Harvard professor and symbologist (Robert Langdon) who is obsessed with works of The Renaissance and comes across a rather bizarre death or a museum curator and goes on a journey (with his grand daughter) and realize that they have landed themselves in between a fight between two cults or groups with different views on Jesus Christ.
Despite many people criticized its religious and scientific inaccuracies, it is an amazing, eye opening and wonderful book. If you are planning on reading just one book this year; this is it. I am not joking on that.

Book 4: Stargirl      by Jerry Spinelli

This book; although being one my most absolute top favorites, has not been featured in any of my posts before. This book and the sequel made me cry. No joke. It is an amazing book about self discovery and confidence of being unique to oneself. It talks about a guy by the name of Leo, who meets with a rather bizarre girl by the name of stargirl. She literally named herself stargirl (her real name is Susan if I remember) because she felt that her personality suits the name of Stargirl and that her real name was too boring. People get skeptical about her but soon fall for her raw authenticity of truly being herself. She dances in the rain, plays instruments during recess and keeps a happy wagon, oblivious to the opinion of the public. It really shows how under the weight of the public eye, the relationship of Leo and Susan will take a twist of its own. Spoiler: The ending is very sad.

Book 5: Max      by James Patterson

Its not exactly a part of the Maximum Ride series but can only be understood after reading all the books in the School's out series. James Patterson decided to release this book after public pressure to have more Maximum Ride. The ending of the former series ('Saving the World and other extreme sports) was clearly not enough for most fans (including me) and were thoroughly delighted by the release of individual character books to continue the series informally. The next book: Fang saddened me because it was sad. But however, it is not a book you want to miss!

So, this is it. A roundup to my literacy adventure last year. Lets hope this year goes great and look out for the next update of Hamster Rush!! Until next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping!!

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