Sunday, 25 October 2015

DIY Fall/Autumn themed Paper Storage/ Organizer!

Hey Guys!
Vanilla Here.

I'm on time plus this is (kinda) my first Festive and DIY post! Very recently I made some super delicious Egg Tacos and had an empty taco kit box. Instead of throwing it away I decided to make use of it to make my own little storage with it and trending it with Fall (though winter is really near!). It does not last that long, so at the end of the season, it would be kinda shredded so you can make other things the next season with space left! Additionally, I have some super EXCITING news!! I have very recently made my own topic on QuizUp called Hamster Rush! Yes, now you can test how much you know my book by playing the topic and leveling up; just log in to and search 'Hamster Rush'. I do hope you guys try it!

Back to the topic, I decided to make this DIY using the old taco kit and cut off a side to open it up as well using orange colored paper and cutouts using the side I had cut out (instead of a new card-stock paper being environmentally friendly) which are shaped like autumn leaves (though they are bad because I fail art *sad face*)

Paraphernalia/ Items Required:

Pardon the bad quality photograph (I have no idea how it happened!)

How To:

  1. Cut your unused on one side to reveal it (refer to picture)

           2. Take your orange colored paper and start measuring its sides and cut them out

           3. Use the side you have cut out to make autumn leaf cutouts (You can use any design you like                and as many as you like, but I preferred only 2)

         4. Use the cutouts as a guide to outline on your pieces of orange paper.

         5. Use your pens to trace out the outline and color them with dark or light orange colors using                  the color pencils.

         6. If desired, draw veins on them

         7. Glue the the papers to the box.

Hope you liked this idea for my fall posts! I do still apologize for bad posting times but I will be trying my best and yes that is my peach scented candle right there. You can always switch it up for different seasons (like for winter, use blue paper and snowflake cutouts instead.) DO comment and read Hamster Rush as well till next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping!!

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