Friday, 16 October 2015

Vanilla for thought #1: 5 Ways to get Inspiration

Hey Guys!
Vanilla Here,

To smell of freedom is finally smelt by me and I have used it as a chance to watch as much TMNT and play as much Hearthstone as possible but that does not mean I would ever forget what I have grown up with; books. Often, when I write, people ask me how am I able to get such creative ideas, given that I specialize in fantasy writing.

Honestly, most ideas of mine come from my dreams, things my unconscious self reveal to me only when the darkness envelopes the sky (so poetic). But I felt that for this post, I would share with you guys some things you can try if you ever run out of creative juice or just in the mood to write your essay so that you can once again feel addicted to come back to the keyboard again.

Try something new

It can be anything; food, clothing or even movies! I usually do this by trying new books or touching genres I usually do not opt for. I even cook new cuisine of food I usually do not given that I am a hermit crab who does not really communicate with the world outside. However weird it may sound, trust me it is much better than listening to music. Listening to music kind of distracts you and get you further away from your goal. Listen to music only when you need emotional comfort.
This will give you ideas and experiences you have never had or you want to try out if you are a curious person. Do not let the voice inside you be ignored and go for it if you want to really try and get out of your comfort zone.

Play new and known games

As weird as it sounds, it really helps you to give you ideas, usually inspired or given from the game plots or the game formats. It usually gives me many ideas of the elements I can instill in my current books. I have not much to say about this other than please do not get addicted to the game and forget all about your books or essays (like me).

Read Poetry

Poetry is a beautiful form of art that has been existing for a long time (since the Renaissance). It has the ability to express raw emotions and feelings in a manner so concealed that it feels like an open secret. So if you ever want to taste some darkness or get inspiration (especially for horror books), read up some Edgar Allan Poe and Sylvia Path.  Other genres can always go and find other amazing poets. It also helps if you need help for literature essays.

Surf the internet

This is very simple, Go on the internet and start surfing for very random facts or find out about recent global news. Not only does that help you in your General Paper (GP) if you are taking one, it may help you really research gain knowledge that you can apply to new formats or your existing books. A new books facts and learning does not kill. Some helpful topics can be about aquatic life and its impact on the world as well as dangerous games people used to play i the past.

Do crosswords and word searches

Not only does it boosts you general knowledge, you can use it as a challenge to use the words you have found into a short story. Experiment whatever you want and do not ever stop no matter what people tell you. Have fun with all the knowledge you have and to be a writer, the most important thing is to have the passion of learning about everything!

This is a bit of ideas and inspiration for you guys and I am still working on more things for you guys! Additionally, I have recently uploaded the next chapter of Hamster Rush! Please do read and tell me what you think! Until next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping!

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