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My Wattpad Must-read Romance Books

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Well, finally I am here. I will not be posting till mid October (includes my wattpad books too), so I apologize in advance. I am not a regular blogger (You can tell right?) but recently I have been caught up in my addiction for gaming. Correction: Hearthstone Gaming. So I have been playing Hearthstone very frequently (until they come in my dreams) for a while and that requires me to go online. You all are well aware of my participation in wattpad, an online book community and I had time to compile romance books (which I have also been slightly more interested in these days next to fantasy). If you want, I might also make a reading list of all the fantasy books I am reading these days.

For this post. I would encourage you guys to sign up to Wattpad because amazing writing talents can be spotted, These are some Romance books I have been into in the past or currently obsessed with on wattpad (do not worry these books are all free). Also, for the next few chapter of my book, Hamster Rush, I will be making them only available to my followers, so do make sure to follow my account, ItsmeVanilla. 

Wattpad Romance Must-Reads

Book 1: She's in love with a Geek   by notjustarandomgirl

Amazing book though not completed, Talks about the reversal of cliche nerd likes popular girl. Its a 2.5 ice cream cones.

Book 2: Quirky Romantic Queries About Love   by demonicblackcat

This books is a sequel to a hilarious and romantic book, The quirky tale of April Hale, You can read from the point of view of a girl suffering from Asperger's. Super touching and uncompleted, 2 ice cream cones.

Book 3: The Heartbreak Chronicles   by fallzswimmer

A great cliche book on the members of a popular boyband, The Heartbreakers falling in love. Very emotional as well and is a compilation of 4 books in which only 1 has been completed and the other is halfway going on. 2.5 ice cream cones.

Book 4: Cupid Calling Cupid   by mikaelaney

A great writer and friend of mine. This book stirs up many emotions as well as slightly cliche but with a writer's twist in it. Super well written and highly recommended to be read. A completed book with 2.5 ice cream cones.

Book 5: The Cell Phone Swap   by Donotmicrowave

This book is one of those rare books with so many twists and turns as well as events and drama running all over the place. The content is a sort of organized mess. Amazing writing style and talks about how not every relationship is perfect to form or handle. A completed book with 2.5 ice cream cones.

There are so many books all over wattpad, but sometimes there are books that get high rankings in genres despite being poorly written, badly displayed and just a pain to read and it is important not to judge a book by its reads or votes because sometimes there are books (and writers) out there who deserve way more followers than others because they simply bother putting in more effort to write and give their heart into their books.

You can always find out how much effort a writer puts in their work by reading (but that is also very subjective). Until next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping!!

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