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'Bahubali' Telugu Film Review + Rating

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See? I can write and post in decent gaps too! I am very excited for this month as I am participating in a variety if events as well as gathering some more content for future posts. I felt kinda disappointed scrolling down my blog for 2 reasons: One, I am seriously lacking posts. and Two: This was supposed to be a blog more directed to literary arts.. sadly there is a lack there too.

Argue all you want: But I believe that movies is an integral part of literary arts as it requires lines, symbolism, meanings to craft a beautiful story in a visual treat in the form of reality. So, usually people watch movies for entertainment, pass time and stuff. But I actually watch movies to, of course enjoy and get entertained, but also to get inspiration for new books, book ideas, so on and so forth. I asses and break down the movie to see if there is another meaning behind the screens, locked away hoping to be found. I have found so much watching this Telugu film (also dubbed in Hindi and Tamil) which was told to be the most expensive Indian Film of all time.

Interesting, isn't it?

Before I go down to the reviews and opinions of the movie, I wanted to explain that the film title, ('Bahubali') is actually inspired from an ancient folklore of the same name. Whenever you think of India, I am sure in your memories there will be an iconic statue that looks similar to Egyptian ones, yup, he is Bahubali. An extremely brave warrior who has fought proudly for his country. This movie remake took us back to the classics but also with its own slips and flaws.


The idea of remaking folklore never was a good thing with me. Personally, I feel that such movies ought to be mundane and unoriginal due to the fact every folktale has a special magic of its own that has let it be passed through the ages of time, but S.S Rajamouli (The director) managed to give this movie its own authentication that it set the standards for folklore movie adaptions pretty high. Though the movie is just the first part, I feel that the way most scenes were crafted were very well thought and has a very munificent use of literary devices to give it flair and elegance.

Speeches with repetition, lines with hyperbole and the contrasting use of imagery and similes in the songs were very well written. The twists set made the plot more engaging. The movie opening as well as ending were the stars of the show because they really knocked the figs out of people.

However, on the flip side there were many cray-cray logic flying like the leaves of trees during the autumn season. The way science and logic works here is unbelievably illogical. Like if the logic that works in the movie works in real life, folks we better leave.
The protagonist has been trying to climb this waterfall where he believes he came from and he falls and does not die all the time from almost any bloody height! He supernaturally has abnormal strength, speed, aiming skills and fighting abilities despite growing up in an underdeveloped village for his entire life! Way more eccentric logic occurred in the move that I desired to puke blood.


I personally felt that the pace was not as bad until midway the movie, no interesting scene change ways like the tamil movie 'I' (You can read its review here) and the war part that comes at the ending where the main character (Shivu) finds out about his real identity from this group of masked men who has been trying to save their queen. One of them recites the story, which ended up to be this kind of long winded up string of words that stretched for the remaining half of the movie (I'm not kidding). Gosh how can one have such memory plus air to knock off so much content in HD description?!

Cast Choice

Man, do not get me started here. Tamannaah and Anushka did fine but Prabhas though! He really does not fit himself in here at all. Its like this sort of movies is completely not his standard or type to give the changing audience a base or reason to see this movie. I was definitely disappointed with the casting  but one can improve... one day.


The genre of thriller, historical fiction and romance sounds weird but works very well here. The romance scenes filled with the main characters was sweet, cheesy but also pretty illogical because the heroine has to be a part of the masked men group and a really bad she cannot even recognize a guy with abnormal superman plus wolverine powers behind her.
It give quiet some thrilling action (I mean like one hour of the movie was war, what you expect) and the whole idea of this is a fantasy to me.
Like can this movie be rated supernatural or fantasy for having Shivu falling from the rainfall and saving himself by exactly shooting an arrow onto a twig branch and letting his weight rest on it like it won't bloody nap! 'Ello!?! Do you see logic here?

Generally, it is worth a movie to be watching once they start telecasting it on the TV networks because your trip to the cinema theaters is a waste. But still worth the watch if you don't mind illogical movies. Like in the movie, logic is a virgin, because they ain't doing it. This movie will go for a 2.5 ice cream cones for me. That is lenient already.

Until next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping!!

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