Friday, 6 February 2015

'I' Tamil Movie Review + Rating

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Did I just change my name in a span of I-really-dont-know? New year, new name. But seeing the title you would have been quiet baffled. MOVIE REVIEWS?? Da ham sandwich going one. and better, A TAMIL MOVIE? I guess it would be a cryptex.. but I watched it with subtitles and it is officially the best tamil movie I have ever watched though. And for me personally, Shanker (the director of the movie) did an excellent job of creating this movie.

I would be reviewing this movie based on the factors of : Concept, Pace, Cast choice and Genre Expectations. If you are not an Indian, its totally fine. Like I said I watched t with subtitles.

 The concept of the movie was by far my most favorite. It was well diagnosed (haha.. love my own lame puns) with the story and how technology was invited into it. My mum would call it 'Hi-tech' and stuff but to me it is more of like the showcase of how far hate and jealousy in a human can go. I dont want to reveal too much of the story honestly, but I can say that he actually not only kept a thrilling and rejuvenating story which is different from others but also was able to screen it in a way that people will be able to understand it further. It definitely has juicy and moist story with a slightly predictable climax.

The pace was what impressed me the most. The movie started off in a Coda; which means starting s story or movie with either the climax or the middle of the story and then slowly transitioning it to a flashback. Though Shanker did a little twist in here, he did double-role transitions. This basically means that he started the story from the middle and slowly (part by part) show the flashback of what had happened that had lead to the pivotal point of the movie. Then he switches it back to the part when it already happened and again switches back to the flashback; giving a clear view of the audience of the reason behind the protagonist's actions. It may not be easy to explain but when you watch it, you'll understand. The transitions are also visually spell-binding from nice realistic special effects to the main theme of the movie.

Cast Choice
I personally have no opinion on the cast choice. I felt that Surya did a better role than Vikram but he really did a wonderful job too. Amy Jackson was pretty well into her role but the cast choice could be improved to actually enhance the movie.

This movie goes behind a main big subject but various genres plus themes to mix in. The subject actually goes for commercials, with genres like action, science fiction, romance and thriller mixed in. But they did a great job of applying their main subject into a way of transitioning from scene to scene.

Overall, this is the highest rating of any book or item I have ever given, but a whopping 4 ice cream cones out of five!! Well, you then know that it this is worth the watch unless you are more of a classic only action and romance, it may not be too thrilling. But if you like classics like Romeo and Juliet or Cinderella, this is perfect for you too. Another reason it got 4, it is amazing to a huge range of audience because in a way it reenacts Beauty and the Beast.

Keep your Vanilla Ice creams dripping and forgive me for a super late post!!

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