Monday, 13 April 2015

Apps to download in your phone!

Hey Guys!
Vanilla here.

I know it has been really really really (times a hundred thousand) since people even know I'm alive and near electronic devices. I just don't have the time. I 'm so sorry that I let demeaning stuff like exams, friends and issues to get to me so easily. I have even launched myself into more busy things like joining a Nanowrimo project ( you can check it out here: as well as check out my latest book; keeping up with the eminems in wattpad now! Though so far its only 2 chapters *sad face*
So, I have been working on various projects and posts to share with you guys like recipes and amazing lifestyle posts. You guys can comment down what type of posts you want me to post or try out and get back to you. [Sneak peek: I am even trying in some homemade scented candles recipies for you!]. Now to get back on this post and finish my apology letter, I thought that it would be great to recommend some interesting applications to download in your phone.

I really don't know about you guys, but I am a person who is pretty frequent in phone changing because they get old or I lose them. So when I do get a new phone, it becomes, extremely difficult to search for those apps and download them. I won't go to simple applications like youtube and facebook. These are less 'common' from the trend i have been observing.

1. Word Buzz:
Trust me when I say its addictive. This application not only makes your brain run like its a fitness test, but also helps to train may aspects of our brain, like our reflexes and vocabulary. (Whatever, Vocab is a part of the brain k). There are about 100 levels currently, but seriously, try to get all three jars for every level, then you will get its thrill. ( 2.5 ice cream cones)

2. Can you escape / Can you escape 2
I have finished both and they really have made Sherlock Holmes interesting for me. It is great for those seeking thrill and adventure. But at the same good/bad news, no murder. This is highly recommended. (3 ice cream cones)

3. Words with friends
This might be really really fun if both you and your friend has the app (its ok if you dont have friends like me), You cant play scrabble-style word building game with other players and actually enhance your knowledge for once. Finally, you can achieve something in life (or something extra for all you know). Another alternative would be guess the emoji ( 2.5 ice cream cones)

1. Vine
Bruh! This is one of the best applications of all time. Its so hilarious and lifts you mood instantly in bad days. People like Lele Pons, Bach King and Destrorm are a must-follow accounts! They have many relatable jokes about many things. You can post your own vines and it is less complicated than youtube (though even I myself is trying to use it properly.) (3.5 ice cream cones)

2. Mp3 music downloader
I know how much this means to many people: free music. But I prefer the Mpr Music downloader that looks like the apple store itunes than spotify, it just does not work with me. So I gave you an amazing music downloadng app that does not need any sort of data (yes, the name is that and the logo looks like how I described it), hope you are satisfied now. ( 2.3 ice cream cones)

Phone Features
1. Compass
Stupid or not, this by far is really helpful if you can relate. I dont need to elaborate on this thing. But it is worth the memory space in your phone. ( 2 ice cream cones)

2. Idioms and phrases
It may sound primary school, but it is really helpful for essays and letter writing. It is more of like a honest cheat code (oxymoron intended). Just type in exactly what it says in the title, and you'll find yourself going into an A for english in school. You can praise me later. (2 ice cream cones)

3. QR code reader
Do I need to explain this too? It is super helpful when travelling given that in the internet age having this in your phone give a comfortable lean way than copying things. (1.7 ice cream cones)

4. Sketch Guru
I really enjoy this app. Being a person who enjoys editing photos and memories, I find this app really useful as the different types of sketch, paint and mediums available to edit your photo. Now you do not ever need to fret on looking good or goofy in our profile pictures. ( 2 ice cream cones)

Umm.. that is it folks and do please leave a comment for what type of posts you want. I would like to recommend more but your phone memory will die by then. So for, you can also say how you find this apps and recommend me some. Until then keep you Vanilla ice creams dripping!

No payment was involved for this post. No sponsors k.

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