Monday, 24 November 2014

Thriller Addictions!!! #1

Hey Guys!
Vanilla here.

And I became more busy than I intended to. My relatives were in town the past week and it halted all activities temporarily. I could not even update Hamster Rush! But due to the lack of wi-fi outside, when assisting to tour them around, I bought books to kill time and me being a bit 'shy' and 'timid' to try the more thriller and action packed books like those Detective-solve-homicide-case books, bought child horror books and ONE James Patterson's Woman's Murder Club Series book; The Fourth of July. And They moment I read the first chapter, I was so hooked and enthralled by the book that I finished it up in a week! Now I am so pumped for such similar books that I bought "5th Horseman" and "ZOO" from the same author.

And to be completely honest that despite being one of the most huge James Patterson Fan, mainly because of Maximum Ride, I was pretty confused with the characters, not that it is bad. I did not even read the 3 books before these! But I am really planning on doing something about that, like getting those books and reading them but my local library had only the next book. I would give a definite 3 out of 5 ice cream cones. The build up tension, thrill and heart racing climax plus ending was spectacular (with the little tints of romance and law), it is amazing.
And also with this review, I decided that I would also give in writing tips. I may not be perfect with my uploading schedule but I claim myself to have good writing skills. Not Epic and sort. But good.
Maybe I will do it to the next post I do about How To Build Up Tension (in climax or not)

Until then keep your Vanilla Ice Creams dripping!

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