Sunday, 26 June 2016

Vanilla for thought #3: Tea flavors to try!

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About two months back, I was an EDM freak and now it has died down though I still listen and enjoy EDM. I realized this is a nice sort of series to update you guys on my up-to-date obsessions with random things consumers like me will have.

This month, I have been back in the obsession towards teas. It is not that I have just started to drink tea or something but I have been back to drinking tea, in huge amounts. This might have been due to the fact that at the first week of June, I got an extremely bad sore throat after a course that required alot of smelling. My brain was overwhelmed by the smells and the top notes reached my throat, irritating my skin. I have a sore throat and bad cold now as well but not too strong.
I've ended up with a big, and I mean BIG box of tea packs inside and quite hilariously have even more tea packs lying around everywhere in my house.

I decided to show you guys some of my most favorite tea flavors although I personally enjoyed every tea flavor I have ever tried in my life. If you are a tea freak like me or a coffee addict (also me) wanting to step out of your comfort zone, do try out these flavors to get yourself hooked.

English Breakfast Tea

This is my most favorite flavor of tea. The depth of flavor and the intensity if the brew was what captivated me to teas and food. The fist sip is heavenly and till this date, nothing can be more comforting than a cup of English Breakfast with a good book in an air-conditioned room during the summer. The beauty and taste of this tea is really nice as it has an earthy and slightly acidic undertone to complement the more fragrant and delicious taste of the tea.
Its a mix of blends from Assam and Kenya and best known to eat with an english breakfast (which I don't really do but I should try sometime!) I've grown up loving this tea and flavor so I do highly recommend this tea.
For me, I usually drink handmade brews when outside or this Twinings's Tea, which is obviously my most favorite tea brand of all time.
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Earl Grey Tea

So from the first flavor I introduced which is my most favorite, one can tell I am into very strong tea blends. I really enjoy strong tea flavors but if you are looking for a more lighter and heartier tea to genuinely drink during tea time with a Victoria sponge cake, this is it.
Early Grey has a very light, fresh and slightly minty flavor. It is extremely aromatic and has a weird office-vibe to it. The taste is refreshing in a formal way and it gives you a nice breath. If you are also planning to have some tea bags in your office, Earl Grey is the one.

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Darjeeling Tea

This is another amazing flavor to try. It is slightly similar with earl grey as it is also another very light and aromatic tea that is absolutely delicious with some gingerbread cookies or even some funfetti cookies which you can make here.
It is originated from tea fields of Darjeeling, India and also has a slight star anise aftertaste. It will also be suitable as a tea to serve during high teas and get togethers with friends.
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This is all I have for you guys! I apologize for it to be very short but I came back from a very physically strenuous and scary camp. I even ended up getting body pains and bled my knees . This will be my last post for the month and I obviously have a lot of homework to do yet ended up writing for you lovelies! Please bear with me for the next few months and you can always follow me on my social media platforms! Until next time, keep your ice cream cones dripping! (I do apologize if there are typos I am having a major headache as I type this!)  

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