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Vanilla round the globe #1: Sichuan, China!

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It is December and the winter season is brewing in, if you want any winter posts do comment and I'll get to them. But then, I wanted to post about my trip to Sichuan, China. Not lie-ing, this was the furthest I have ever traveled from my homeland. I was very excited as I was with my besties and the trip did not disappoint! I will be posting about the beautiful places we visited, my attire and the amazing food we had. Of course, about the souvenirs bought.

On the way to Sichuan Earthquake Ruins from Chengdu

On the first day, we came from the airport, exhausted but managed to make way to the Sichuan Earthquake Ruins which commemorated the lives of people who died in the Sichuan Earthquake in 2009. The tour guide I had spoke only Chinese (and I could not speak Chinese obviously) so I had to get my friend to translate it for me all throughout the trip [except at times he was kind enough to speak in broken english for me]. I learnt a lot from the mini trip as well as found out a nice railway at the back where I took this photo.

The beautiful railway at the back which still works but it too beautiful to not take a photo 
and risk my life for it.
Attire: Jacket: Ralph Lauren (similiar here)
Jeans: Robinsons
Bag: Adidas (similiar here)
Gloves: Macy's (Get here)

The next place we visited was the next day. we went to do some fun opera mask painting then toured San Xing Dui Museum. The museum showed a lot of beautiful parts of Sichuan culture. This was my most favorite place from the tour.

We managed to have some time to go souvenir shopping, and right after that had a magical moment. The scenery outside the museum was explicit and breathtaking. Like I was not kidding and I really felt mystified (and took many many photos).

One of the breath taking picture I took outside of the museum, which 
displayed the beauty and elegance China was able to offer.

One of the most breathtaking photos and sight I have captured in China. This can 
be found right outside the museum. 

The greenery and the fog during the pre-winter season had a beautiful effect
on the evergreen trees found between the towers located.

After a delicious lunch, we proceeded with some educational visits and cultural immersion to be more knowledgeable in Sichuan Culture. On the fourth day, we went to the Giant Panda research center as well the very famous mask changing show of Sichuan.

We had the opportunity to have a sight of adorable pandas 
chowing on bamboos.

Visited the famous Sichusn Chinese Opera and 
Face Changing show

This was accompanied by a visit to Wu Hou Shrine on the final day, where I saw a beautifully decorated garden cum memorial to the famous Chinese Poet; Zhuge Liang.

One of the beautiful sights I have visited at the shrine
which featured Zhuge Liang's house

Our last stop was to the National Sichuan Museum.. I learnt so much from the museum and saw many good artifacts as well an amazing aztec-designed notebook. as well as artifacts about the various types of people living there such as Buddhists and Tibetans. I realized a lot of the paintings were similar to Indian culture.

This was one of the portraits available that shows a Buddhist adorned with 
various scarves and jewelry, similar to Indian gods such as Lord Shiva

There was more to the museum that I enjoyed. The main part was the AMAZING views I had throughout the tour and learnt so much about Chinese culture and food (which was very enjoyable).

I do hope you like this post as it was very different from my usual posts as well as the fact that 2016 is coming to the end and I wanted to end the year in a bit of an unique manner (and compensate for the missing posts and late timings!). Comment for the support and hope this blog gets better soon!
Until the next post, keep your ice cream cones dripping!

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