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'Justice League' English Movie Review + Rating

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Its been too long and now I have finally been freed from my GCSEs. I feel that life is a bit too surreal. I truly am worried for my results (which will be released next year) but for now I am going to enjoy all the time I have.
So last week Justice League the movie was released and I got the chance to watch it on the opening day itself. A lot of debate erupted on whether the movie was good or not. But here is my opinion.


The idea of batman wanting to create a group of superheroes and save the world from evil is pretty cliche.. but its still nice. Given that I have been a batman fan for the longest time, I enjoyed how batman was the brains and tried to tie together different superheroes (who have their own agendas and issues) into a team.
However, I felt it took too much time trying to get off the drama between the different heroes just to come together and go against another cliche villain that is uber strong but can be dealt with only by superman.
This then brings me to another issue with the concept issue I saw. The movie had this dependence on Superman. Yes, he is powerful and everything but I felt that they should put more effort in trying to show the teamwork and development of other lesser known heroes like Cyborg and Aquaman. Almost 40% of the movie was depending on the resurrection of Superman, trying to calm him and talking about him only.
Thus, the concept of the movie was not that bad.. but not that good as well.


The pace was quite an issue. Once again I felt that unimportant parts of the plot was slowed down and emphasized on more than tho more important and climatic parts of the movie. Given that there will be a part 2 for the movie, I just hope there will be more content and at a more mediocre pace.

Cast Choice

There is nothing generally wrong with the cast choice. Batman and wonder woman were well picked. On a side note, I hope I was not the only one who felt that Henry Cavill (Superman) looked awfully alot like Christian Grey from the fifty shades of grey franchise.

Genre was also a bit wonky. There was way too much CGI effects that were used and the plotline kneeled towards a chickflick-drama more than action or even thriller. The science fiction part of the movie was still well delivered.
I feel like the next movie and Zack Snyder should have worked harder on the film concept.

Overall, the movie is still well enjoyable if you are not one to be a superfan of DC. If you take the superhero world very seriously, you might be met with disappointment. I hope you guys liked my review.

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