Sunday, 26 October 2014

Paranormal Torture! #1

Recently, I have been working on the climax of my book, Hamster Rush [I'll put the link below], and I was looking at horror games and more adventure-y stuff. So, I looked up games like 'The Midnight Game' and 'The Three Kings'. Of course, I would not be trying them though I have interest to do so but I a not risking any bad energy in my house. I am big on god.

So, as I ran out of spooky games to list, I decided to chug on Paranormal stuff. You know, paranormal books and movies but can we be real? It is SO frustrating to read on such lame stuff like demon possessions and un-natural presence.. like the idea of abnormal stuff is interesting.. but movies like Paranormal Activity seriously need to chill. Because I feel it isn't paranormal.. its horror. And it frustrates me when people mix it up..

So, I looked in for books (which sucked too -_-) but I promise in my next post I will get a list of books and wattpad books of Paranormal for you guys to indulge on. But if you are the type who does not like horror.. paranormal should be your type.. but directors these days though.

It is pretty much a torture to  know society is like this.. well I actually want to do a review on the Paranormal activity franchise and for me (I'm harsh and picky in movies though), I'll give it 1.5 out of 5 vanilla cones.

Firstly, the plot i so screwed up after the first movie.. the cast becoming so confusing and things starting to get haywire. Later.. things are not as horrific. I deeply do not understand why it is a hit. Becaus I personally thought that Insidious was an excellent paranormal movie though chapter 2 was such a killer. And the 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' was pretty good at the start but got all stupid at the end. And all that Ana part was so ballistic. Also the fact the 'demon' inside Katie so powerful, why doesn't it kill the planet instead of hiding, given that through several movies, no form of spiritual stuff can kill you? The plot is screwed up and is the the people were high when writing the story. Well, i still love horror movies and I am not saying it is completely bad. Some ideas like the cameras were good.
But if you are a PA fan; I do not want to offend you but this is for the benefit of those who want excellent movies to watch.

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