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Book series to get addicted to this November!

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And its November.. just like that! Halloween was.. well Halloween. I thought this month would never come though.. and of course with new month, comes new things to get your nose into. I actually have 3 series in which 2 of them already have been written a while back. But I will give some nice reviews on books you may want to indulge in this month!

See, November is a month of some nice and quiet atmosphere, but to spice it up, Action and Thriller Books are the one required! If you would read quiet and serene books, I will surely tell you, It will be like matching black pants and black shirt.. you need to have variety and colors and that is why I found some interesting things along! Enjoy!

No. 1: Maximum Ride Series
           By James Patterson

Puh-leese, the Maximum Ride Series have been the best action-adventure book ever written! It really reflects and shows the personality of Max, along with her flock, who seemed to be 98% Human and 2% Avian. Leg-go. It really reflects on Max, who is the (female) leader and her sass, as well as how her need to be the 'one in charge' always led her and her flock to make decisions and yet be able to bear the consequences and not point fingers at one another. I feel it is a really spellbinding book with romance and horror elements, James Patterson is the only person who is able to blend contrasting elements together and still make an amazing book that defines the mind of someone who is discriminated and different from the society. He is truly able to capture an emotion and play with it, making up want for more. I am definitely giving a 4 ice cream cones out of 5 for the amazing-ness involved.

No. 2: The Hunger Games Series
            By Suzanne Collins

This trilogy is really the epitome for adventure and survival. This book is able to perfectly capture the impulse of sudden moves as well as the various dangers one is able to face AND overcome. Like Maximum Ride, it has a blend of romance and horror elements. I just get mesmerized by how she can pull off with making such twists and really trap the emotions and describe every scene and thought with a lot of emotions. This book was really something I feel Suzanne Collins gave proof that even of there is a book with killing, it would not be disgusting or emotional, yet it made you feel something. She sure knows how to keep us at the edge of our seats. I would give 3 ice cream cones out of five.

No. 3: The Perfectionists (currently, only first book is out)
            By Sara Shepard

This  novel/ maybe series is a very amazing book I have really read, pertaining smart villains. Being an absolute lover of the Pretty Little Lairs fan, I really had high expectations of this upcoming beauty. The only fact that left me disappointed is that it has the same number of characters and is written in almost-same format. But I can assure you that it would end its mystery earlier and neater than PLL did. And if you really loathe cliffhangers, this is a better option than Pretty Little Liars, because as fact, the series is not yet over. It is ongoing, both the one on TV and Books. Well.... But when it comes to complicated mess, forced lies and evil plans, Sara Shepard is right on that role! It is really nice how at least the content is not as lengthening as PLL. Yet, I would go for 2 ice cream cones out of five in this one. I know Sara can do better!

This is my view, hope you like it too and if you want to look for something on wattpad filled with tantalizing action and gruesome murders? Check out 'White Lies' and its sequel, 'Red Leather' by the username, 'help-me-think-of-one', because it is absolute delish!
The book really has some amazing horror and evil elements blended perfectly together and can get you wanting more this November! I will be giving it two and a half ice cream cones out of five for this one!

I hope you like this proper nerdy and book-y post! Keep you vanilla ice cream dripping!

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