Tuesday, 10 May 2016

April/May product Favorites!!

Hey Guys!
Vanilla Here.

I am so happy because I am a free bird! (till the end of the week only sadly) but finally after a month of studies I finally have a gap to post for you guys!! I do apologize to not bring any books in this post but that is mainly because I am in the midst of a summer booklist for you guys!! I am so stoked for the next month as I may have the time to post 2 times instead. Also, to compensate for the loss of a post in April, I will definitely post twice this month!! (I'll try, no promises).

As last month I was swamped by a lot of studies and projects, I realized I did not have time to read a lot, but also my skin condition was getting worse from the stress. So I started buying and loving three products I want to feature in this post. These are my beauty-skincare faves and I'll try linking them or something similar if I can.

1. Nivea Facial Wash Gel

I have been insanely IN LOVE with this product. It is more of a exfoliater and it does so well in its job. I have oily skin and it is not really meant for my skin type but the thing was that I have been having less than 6 hours sleep for a few nights and I wake up to find very dried and chapped skin, I even felt alot of paain i some areas due to broken skin. I started using this product last month and I realized my skin being more moist for longer periods of time, being more lighter and also more healthier. So I have to give this a cone up (See what I did there ;) )

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2. Layer'r Vanilla Scented Body Splash

One of the sweetest scents I've ever smelt. Its not sickly sweet but very very vanilla scented. So if you don't like me or my blogs, this scent ain't for you (jk). But it does have a heavy scent so it is advisable for those who want to have a sweet aftermath of their ootds. I brought this about a few months ago when I was travelling overseas, this became my go-to sort of scent for every outing now.

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3. Inecto Body Scrub (Coconut)

I freaking love this scrub like so much. It not only give you baby smooth skin, it also smells AMAZING! I freaking love the natural products used to make this as well as the salt/coconut pieces(?) used in the abrasion process.
When I binge on a lot of homework, I realized I was not really taking care of my skin, So I usually resort to bodycare products to enhance my looks than make up because sometimes I feel make up is just like a sort of blanket over something broken, so I'd rather repair the broken thing than embellish it with pretty quilts.

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So Here guy is my product favorites for the first two months, I do apologize (I have lost count the number of times I've said this though) and thank you once again for reading my blog! Even if you don't subscribe or even comment or leave a review of the post, it makes me happy there are people out there who bother taking a look! You may or may not be a first timer, but everyone is appreciated:)! So do stay tuned and keep your ice cream cones dripping!!

FYI:: I was not sponsored for any of these products k.


  1. I've never tried none of these products, I'll check them out :)

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