Friday, 20 May 2016

Vanillian Diet #3: Substitutions for baking ingredients

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Very recently, I have been beyond obsessed with cooking and baking new things. New food is like new books to me thus I have been  baking for only about 7 months. However, we all now that we can never always have all the ingredients they state in the recipe and get a bit too lazy to bother buying them. So, I have decided to share with you guys some substitutions I use whenever I bake.


Self- Raising flour = All Purpose flour + baking powder
For One cup of APF, 1 or even half tablespoon of baking powder is more than enough. I have very recently run out of Self-raising flour and wanted to finish up this huge packet of all-purpose flour I had via this method.

Bread Flour = All-purpose flour

I do not buy bread flour so I always end up using all purpose flour (its actually plain) for my pizzas and bagels. Actually, they do turn out fine!


This is one of the most frequently asked questions for me. Many people always eat my food up, then realizing what they ate was completely vegetarian and no egg! They would always ask me what is the substitute I add. I used this same substitute a lot of times while cooking for my pure veggie mom. There are a couple of ways to substitute egg into bakes and pastries.

Most recommended: 1 egg = ground flax seeds + water

This is the secret. Substitute 1/3 tbsp of ground flax seeds (Just put some flax seeds into the blender and blend into a slightly rustic powder) and mix it 3 tbsp of water and let it for about 20 seconds to set. It will work flawlessly and it will also give a flawless look like it was baked with eggs!

You can also try: 2 eggs = banana

This may sound a bit funny or strange but if you want to make any eggless fruit cake or muffins, bananas are a very good substitute for eggs. It gives a fruity rye flavour and also has a natural rising agent in it. 1/2 a banana for each egg is more than enough.


Vanilla beans = vanilla extract = vanilla essence

I wouldn't suggest you to substitute beans as they give the best smell and flavour. Vanilla essence is the least recommended as it is not real vanilla. Vanilla paste and water is quiet deep in flavour so you need to be careful if you want to use them.

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